Hey! CC Matthews here – Are you looking for a Palm Beach Personal Trainer? If so, *High-Five* for you and please keep reading… Most people come to me because they are completely frustrated with their weight, motivation, self-esteem, dislike the way they look, and simply need someone to help them! I have a couple of options for you…

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I know you’re sick of getting promises of weight loss and fitness only to have those promises to come up short. I get itYou want a body that you’re comfortable in, you want more energy, but you are afraid of wasting your time on programs that just don’t work. Given all of the new diets and medical breakthroughs in the health and fitness industry it is extremely confusing trying to decide what fitness program to choose.


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I’m here to help solve all of these problems for you.  I will customize your fitness training program and base your program on your goals, level of experience, and lifestyle.  I’m a firm believer that everyone is different and it’s important to customize a program based on the client’s lifestyle.

Palm Beach Gardens Personal TrainerResults will come but it takes “two”! I can help you, but of course you must meet me half way in order to succeed. If you commit to me I will commit to you and make sure you become a winner on your fitness journey!

It does take work and effort to completely change your body.  I shoot straight from the hip… I’m up front and honest with all of my clients and explain to them that it does take time and energy to change.

The fitness and health industry, infomercials and some personal trainers love to sell quick fixes and pass out magic pills. Most people just want the honest truth without the bells and whistles.  Changing your body and your lifestyle does take time, dedication, and energy, but it’s doable and worth it as long as you commit yourself to the fitness program!

I will be there every step of the way helping and guiding you so that you can reach your goal no matter what! If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and transform your body – let’s get starting now!

If you have read this far then I want to congratulate you on taking the first step toward getting fit and improving your health in a way that will actually bring you real results! I’ve seen numerous people with the same skeptical look and the same question on their mind. Is this really going to work this time? Well, you’ve come to the right Palm Beach Personal Trainer!

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